First COVID, Now Monkeypox: Protecting Your Family in an Unpredictable World

First COVID, Now Monkeypox: Protecting Your Family in an Unpredictable World

A globe with a surgical mask stretched across it by latex-gloved hands to illustrate global pandemic threats

First COVID, Now Monkeypox:
Protecting Your Family in an Unpredictable World

First COVID, Now Monkeypox: Protecting Your Family in an Unpredictable World

According to the CDC around 1 million people have died from COVID. Adults aged 30 to 50 make up 6% of that number. And although Monkeypox is still somewhat of a mystery, it looks like it’s going to hang around a while. Even the Spanish flu hung around long enough to become the common flu. And can still be deadly.

We’ve had a healthy helping of queasy times, haven’t we?

Maybe a fit discussion about life insurance makes sense right about now.

First off, life insurance does cover pandemic diseases.

If you have an active policy with timely paid premiums your family is covered in the unlikely event of your suffering a fatal bout of COVID. And you don’t have to worry about travel restrictions or vaccination status, either.

If you haven’t purchased life insurance yet, you can still get it but it may take longer.

How long it will take depends on whether or not:

  • You’ve had COVID with complications or hospitalization. The process may take longer, anywhere from a few weeks to six months.
  • You’ve traveled to an outbreak hotspot. If asked, be honest about where you’ve been and where you plan to go. Dishonesty leads to disqualification and your family not receiving benefits. This includes any household member’s travel plans.

Recent pandemic diseases aren’t raising premiums. Yet.

Right now, insurance companies are following pandemic patterns to assess future risks. But so far COVID isn’t expected to significantly raise premiums even if you buy insurance after you’ve recovered from the virus.

However, one of the things insurance companies are looking at is COVID’s long-term effects, such as lingering COVID symptoms that affect not only the heart and lungs but the brain and kidneys. This caveat is especially true if you’re considering purchasing premium life insurance.

And although very few insurance companies are asking about travel history right now, they could in the future. It depends on the carrier and your circumstances. Shop around.

Find out if your latest or planned destination puts your qualification at risk.

Plan Ahead:

Get insurance now before the criteria change—while insurance companies are still trying to figure out how to deal with pandemics.

If you face a long approval waiting period, look into temporary coverage.

Get vaccinated and boosted. Although many companies aren’t currently asking pandemic-related questions, they may soon be looking at it the same way they do smoking.

Don’t lie when answering questions about your health. It will jeopardize your qualification and your family’s future. Insurance companies will investigate everything to ensure they are protected.

And finally, keep up the hand washing. It may just save your life.

Don’t get caught with no protection against the next global threat. Get a term life insurance quote today.

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