FREE QUOTE, Better Future through Life Insurance

FREE QUOTE, Better Future through Life Insurance

The image is of two hands typing on the keys of a laptop, presumably searching for a free life insurance quotes.

Right now, just paying bills and providing for your family are top of mind for everyone. Which is as it should be.

The question is, how will the bills be paid and your family’s current lifestyle remain uninterrupted should you no longer be there to provide for them?

Unthinkable scenarios aside, life insurance is a spectacular investment vehicle for long-term wealth building.

But who has the time to conduct a life insurance rates comparison on the best types of life insurance out there with everything else on your to do list?

Life Insurance Quotes, Free & Simple

When online buying disrupted every other industry, life insurance saw the opportunity to not only make purchasing easier but to eliminate what buyers disliked most. High-pressure sales.

Gone are the days of going into an insurance office to haggle with a high-pressure salesman showing you insurance policies you don’t need and can’t afford. We don’t like that any more than you do.

You can instantly access several life insurance companies and their costs from your computer in one place at one time. Your options appear side-by-side so you can easily compare the quotes and features of each carrier.

For free.

It’s only after you’ve looked at the best life insurance options for you and your family that you are offered the opportunity to speak with a non-commissioned agent trusted to act only as an advisor—not a salesperson.

Armed with facts, you drive the conversation. And if you don’t want to speak to an agent, you can bypass that step and buy an online life insurance policy on your own.

Building Wealth Through Life Insurance

Start with Term Life Insurance.

Right now, your budget may be pulled in all directions with day-to-day living expenses as you grow your career and raise your family. Most people are.

Get term life insurance and make a start toward long-term wealth with an affordable term life insurance quote. A small investment of $25 a month for a 30-year term life insurance policy can yield wealth-building dividends later.

Transition to Wealth-Building Whole Life.

Whole life insurance builds wealth for your family with less risk, interest-bearing dividends you can use to invest in your retirement, your children’s education, or real estate. It’s yours to spend however you wish. And it provides lifetime coverage.

But the term policy you buy today can be converted into an investment vehicle down the road. The conversion will require no medical exam or health questions. Just a seamless transition from one policy to another.

Life insurance is so much more than a policy. It’s an investment in your future. And it starts with a tap or two on a keyboard for online term insurance. For free.

Hassle free.

Nick Trawinski - Founder of PolicyWand
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